Everyday Side & Runner Side

Find Yourself, Find The Finish Line

What changes, if any, take place when you lace up your shoes and become a runner? We asked our Boston Marathon team to show us both their everyday side and their runner side and to tell us if there’s any difference between the two.

Monica shares, “If I’m not running I’m eating. And if I’m not running or eating I’m blogging about it. But every now and then I put on ‘real’ clothes.”

Rahaf shows that running doesn’t have to take over who you are, even when you are training for the #BostonMarathon. “Yes I do like to dress up!”

Team member Candice might have two of the most contrasting sides. “Most days as a model can be quite glamorous, with hair and makeup being done and fabulous clothes to wear. Runner me is the complete opposite of glamour and that’s awesome too. I love the juxtaposition of both worlds and feel very powerful in both.”

Alison shows us that maybe there doesn’t have to be a difference at all, you can be 100% runner.

Moyenda shares why having her runner side is so important. “In my every day life I work hard and running allows me to take a break, relax, and clear my head. It’s my me time when I can just enjoy my music and the open road and also challenge myself to be the best athlete that I can be.”

It’s clear from our team that they all have unique perspectives on their runner sides. What they have in common is a runner side that is inseparable from who they are. Though the clothes may be different, deep down, the whole team is proud to be runners.

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