3 Words to Describe Boston

Find Yourself, Find the Finish Line

Sometimes the best way to describe something monumental in life is to simplify it down to the bare essentials. We asked our team to share three words that, for them, best describe the Boston Marathon.

Scared, excited and sweaty is how Monica sums it all up.

Nancy sees the Boston Marathon as a challenge and opportunity to overcome her obstacles.

The race is a powerful experience and Moyenda’s choice of powerful words is very appropriate.

Alison wants to both celebrate and make HERstory at this year’s Boston, which commemorates 50 years of women’s running. Powered with strength and courage, we don’t have a doubt she will.

This year’s Boston Marathon is a huge milestone for Lesley as it will be her 10th time at the race. She reminds us that no matter the number of races, she’ll still always be Boston Strong.

Through three simple words, our team reminds us that although they share a similar journey towards Boston, their own finish line will be personal and unique.

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