The Battle Scars of Running

Find Yourself, Find the Finish Line

Though running isn’t considered a contact sport, that doesn’t mean that runners are immune to injury. Whether your first marathon or your 10th Boston, being able to overcome injury is a big part of moving forward in the sport.

Lesley shares how her most recent physical ails aren’t setbacks but actually strengthen her love for the sport.

“I’ve been pretty lucky over the years not to suffer injuries like some runners do. I went 11 years between a stress fracture and a terrible case of PF that took 4 sessions of dry needling to get under control. Then it was my hip flexor and 6 sessions of needling. 2016 was pretty much a bust race wise…. I only did two races, both marathons but those two taught me more than the previous 22 put together about how much I LOVE this sport!”

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