Facing Your Doubts

Find Yourself, Find the Finish Line

When you’re training for something like the Boston Marathon, it’s natural to occasionally run into some doubt. Our team shared their doubts and how they deal with it.

Candice shares, “I am racked with doubt regularly. As a fairly new runner still I feel like there is so much I am still unsure of- as in am I even doing this right?? It’s just part of the process to still have fears. They make us stronger and the determination fierce and the reward of crushing the set goal that much sweeter.”

Courtney has a similar perspective that doubt isn’t that bad, “Doubt and feeling like something is nearly impossible isn’t a bad thing. To me, that’s a sign I’m on the right path.”

Monica has a great perspective on how to tackle doubt, “Running is hard. After years of running and dozens of marathons it still knocks me down sometimes. Bad runs make me doubt myself. But the only thing that will help is to show up again tomorrow.”

Finally, Alison gives us the most simple way to deal with doubt, “Doubt doubt. Just because you think it, doesn’t make it true.”

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