The Story of an Item

Find Yourself, Find the Finish Line

As runners gather miles, they also gather experiences. Along the way, sometimes an item or two becomes memorable and you end up with a great story attached to something you own. Our team shared items that were meaningful to them but Candice’s story is unique because her item isn’t really an item at all. Here’s her story:

“The most important running item to me is one I actually no longer can see, or even touch. This is going to be a very random story, but stick with me!!! The most important thing to me as a runner is a knot in a pice of wood of a table. In December of 2015 my husband and I sat at a restaurant in Ibiza and had brunch. Over margaritas and conversation about the year to come, he dared me to set “running a half marathon” as my big goal outside of career orientated ones. I laughed, but took him up on the challenge.

We used the table as a timeline and found a knot for where we were in that moment, one for the future race, and one for the second half of year. I’m pointing the the knot that signifies the first race I would ever do, but certainly not the last. An imperfection in a piece of wood that would end up being the milestone that changed my life is something I cherish. That knot is forever a part of my journey and I’m so glad I didn’t laugh my husband off when he insisted on documenting the moment.”

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