Candice Huffine

Founder of Project Start & Model


AGE 30
LOCATION New York City


Meet Candice

From an early age, Candice Huffine knew that she wanted to travel to New York to be a model. When she got to the city, before she was even 15 years old, she was quickly told that she didn’t fit the industry size standards at the type. Undeterred, she found a chance to become a plus-sized model and at the age of 15, signed her first contract for a job that valued her look.

Candice, now the successful high fashion model she always dreamed of, believes her success came from having an attitude that anything is possible. “I’m empowered and fearless.” This attitude, however, ground to a halt when it came to running. Her husband is an avid runner and she would go to races to cheer him on. The whole time, she never considered it for herself. “I just thought I couldn’t do it.”

It was not until her husband dared her to run that she felt compelled enough to give it a try. It was hard but not the impossibility she had feared and it wasn’t too long after that when she fell in love with running. She realized it made her happier and gave her a more positive outlook on everything. She questioned why she had ever doubted herself, made excuses or generally avoided the possibility.

Overcoming her self-doubt towards running made a huge impact in her life so much so that she started an initiative called Project Start. It’s mission is to connect with women who don’t think they can run and inspire them to overcome the negativity and doubt to give it a try. To find inspiration, these women need look no further than Candice herself, who will be running her first ever marathon at Boston this year.

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