Dorothy Beal

Founder of #irunthisbody, #ihavearunnersbody and celebrated blogger


AGE 35
OCCUPATION Writer, blogger


Meet Dorothy

Dorothy Beal hated running. She was not what you would have called a sporty kid. In fact, when she joined the soccer team in high school, it was only because it was a requirement. When they asked her to run, she faked hyperventilating. Fast forward to today and she’s completed 32 marathons, is a celebrated fitness writer and the voice behind Mile Posts, her running blog. What changed was a nudge from her mom and a shift in perspective.

In college, like many of us, Dorothy gained some weight and put staying healthy on the back burner. Her mom, Lesley, who is also on our team, encouraged her to start running. Lesley knew about the power of running. Dorothy’s first marathon was the Marine Corp Marathon in 2003. When she crossed the finish line, she was “forever changed.” She ran her second marathon just a month later.

Though early on in life, she never thought of herself as a runner, completing that first marathon unlocked a passion for running. She recalls, “I don’t think I thought I could until I finished.” What she realized was that if you run, you’re a runner. There are no traits that are exclusive to runners. “If you run, you’re a runner. We all look different but we’re all runners.” This philosophy led her to create #irunthisbody and #ihavearunnersbody, hashtags and a movement that celebrates running for everyone, regardless of body type, experience or skill.

This year won’t be Dorothy’s first Boston but the celebration of women this year will be especially meaningful to her as she prepares to run with her mom.

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