Dottie Catlin

Back on My Feet supporter and Bostonian triathlete


AGE 43
OCCUPATION Director, Career Development


Meet Dottie

The first time Dottie ran the Boston Marathon, she really had no idea what the race was about. In college, she played three Division 1 sports, field hockey, hockey and lacrosse. With those sports, she was no stranger to running. Being a Greater Boston resident, Dottie assumed if you’re looking to do a marathon, it only makes sense to run the hometown race. So that’s what she did. With a few teammates from college, she decided to just jump right in and run it.

Today, Dottie has run nine total marathons and has completed triathlons of various lengths. She credits that very first Boston run for turning her into an endurance athlete, saying “after I did the race once, I knew it.” Running was a natural next step for her after college. She missed having a team-based sport and so she loves that runners have a very strong sense of community that ties them together.

Dottie is an active supporter of Back on My Feet, a non-profit organization that supports the homeless. The group provides support for jobs and housing for members that commit to running. Dottie believes, “to stay running requires a lot of focus. The health benefits are huge.” By connecting the sport to recovery from homelessness just makes sense.

This year at the Boston Marathon, Dottie hopes to inspire her daughters and other girls like them to run and to show them that it’s important to be athletic.

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