Jessica Leonard

Girls on the Run advocate and fitness professional


AGE 34
LOCATION Cincinnati, OH
OCCUPATION Fitness Supervisor


Meet Jessica

At the end of a very grueling Ironman, after giving it your all, it can be challenging to stay upright after you cross the finish line. A catcher is a person who has volunteered to literally catch these athletes as they come across, giving them much needed support at that critical moment. Jessica’s experience with endurance races started as a catcher.

The finish line of an Ironman is an inspiring place. It is often the result of someone setting an impossible goal for themselves and in that moment across the line, finally crushing it. It was not long after spending time in that environment that Jessica decided she had to be more than a catcher and participate herself. Unlike many of the others on the team, Jessica’s first marathon was actually part of an Ironman. She’s completed 4 Ironmans thus far.

Interestingly, the Ironman races themselves were not the toughest part of what Jessica accomplished. You see, Jessica is also an amazing supporter of Girls on the Run. For each of her Ironman races, she also raised money on behalf of the organization. For her first race, she raised $10,000. The next race, she doubled it. She doubled it again on the third race. In her fourth Ironman, she raised $100,000. You can see, Jessica likes to set impossible goals for herself and then crush them.

This will be Jessica’s first Boston Marathon. She’s excited about the opportunity to raise money again for Girls on the Run. She hopes to inspire women who think they can’t, shouldn’t or won’t run. She herself doesn’t believe she fits the box for what she does and that’s quite okay. In fact, she hopes that because of it, she can lead by example.

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