Lesley Cranshaw

Training for her 10th Boston Marathon


AGE 54
OCCUPATION Mother, Grandmother, Runner


Meet Lesley

Lesley is the veteran Boston Marathoner on our team. This year will be her 10th Boston and she will be running it with her daughter, Dorothy, who is also on the team. It will be a momentous occasion for her since she only started running 15 years ago, at the age of 39. When she started running, she was determined to eventually get to Boston. It took her 5 years and 7 attempts to finally qualify. If you’re following the math, that means she made it and never looked back, qualifying consecutively for an entire decade.
Back in 2001, right around when Lesley started running, she was also working at a running store. She recalls that men who came into the store wrote her off and didn’t expect her to know as much as she did about the sport.

Women, on the other hand, came into the store just as educated as the men. She says proudly, “We took this sport and made it our own.” Though it’s not something she’d boast about, Lesley is indeed a role model and pioneer for the sport.

At this year’s Boston, she’s hoping to inspire women like her and to tell them, “Don’t write off doing things because of age.” For herself, she’s most inspired by her daughter Dorothy, who has created a dedicated digital following around supporting and motivating women to run. As Lesley surely inspired women who came into the running store, so too does Dorothy in a modern medium. Together, they inspire us.