Monica Olivas

Celebrated blogger behind RunEatRepeat


AGE 33
LOCATION Lake Forest, CA


Meet Monica

Monica will tell you, “I run because I love it. I don’t make myself run. It’s my Job’by.” What she means is that it’s both her job as a writer and blogger as well as a beloved hobby. Monica is the talented woman behind RunEatRepeat, her digital platform about her two favorite things, running and eating. What her followers will tell you is that she has a contagious charisma and authenticity that makes her and the topic of running entirely approachable.
It all started when Monica was training for her first marathon. She had found so much support from the online running community that she decided to start her own blog at around the same time, partly to give back, partly to connect further with the digital runners. The popularity of her blog took off and her audience continued to grow and grow.

She doesn’t give herself enough credit, saying it was simply the “right place, right time.” In actuality, it’s her honest storytelling of her experience, struggles and achievements as a runner that makes following her so appealing. She’s since completed over 30 marathons and through a combination of “entertainment and a few random tips,” kept building her audience of strong supporters.
This will be Monica’s first Boston Marathon experience. She’s especially excited about the incredible support of the city and the people who come out to cheer. In a way, they probably remind her of her online followers, who will no doubt be cheering loudly in support of her online.

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