Moyenda Knapp

Lawyer, adjunct professor & marathoner from Chicago


AGE 47
OCCUPATION Legal Partner


Meet Moyenda

In 2015, it was a hot day at the Chicago Marathon. Moyenda had just finished the race, her first ever marathon. At that very moment, she told herself, never again. She was done with marathons. Just an hour later, she changed her mind. In 2016, at the Chicago Marathon, Moyenda found herself really enjoying it.
To her, running is “her time” when she can put on her headphones and take on the open road by herself. It clears her head and helps her resolve the things life throws at her.

She says, “It’s just my break from life.” As partner at a law firm and a adjunct professor at Northwestern University School of Law, she has a high octane career and she feels re-energized from running like nothing else.

By running Boston this year, she hopes to connect with women that, like herself, had always wanted to run a marathon but never thought they could. She wants them to “just go out there and go for it.”