Nancy Heydinger

Exec. Director of Girls on the Run Vermont


AGE 56
OCCUPATION Exec. Director: Girls on the Run


Meet Nancy

The last time Nancy ran the Boston Marathon, it was in 2013. She finished 4 minutes ahead of the bombing. It was a moment that created a marker in her life, forevermore defining the events prior and after as separate periods. Like many others on that day, she resolved to return the next year, to show the world that Boston runners can’t be stopped by fear.

As she began training for the next year, something didn’t feel right to Nancy. At the time, she had 25 marathons to her name and so she knew what she felt wasn’t normal. Nancy didn’t make it to the 2014 Boston Marathon, she was diagnosed with cancer. She spent the year battling and recovering from brain surgery.
Running gives her confidence and she prides herself on being an athlete. It was not an option to hang up her shoes. Though given a set back, she gathered her resolve and told herself, “I can be strong again.”

Confidence is an important word for Nancy. As the Executive Director of Girls on the Run in Vermont, her job is to help girls uncover and embrace confidence. She started the program in her state at her daughter’s school and has since inspired over 44,000 girls to believe that anything is possible for them.

When Nancy returns to Boston this year, it will be her 7th time. She hopes to be an inspiration to the girls in her state, saying, “Maybe what I have to offer is what so many girls need.” We have no doubt an entire generation owe a debt of gratitude to Nancy’s incredible strength, determination and generosity.

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