Rahaf Khatib

Homemaker, Runner & Founder of #RunLikeaHijabi


AGE 33
LOCATION Farmington, MI


Meet Rahaf

Three years ago, Rahaf was not a runner. Today, she has completed 6 marathons, 14 half marathons, 2 sprint triathlons and a 30 mile bike race. That’s quite the list of achievements in a very short amount of time and yet those are perhaps not her most significant accomplishments. Through these amazing changes in her life, she’s also hoping to change the world.

She’s a Muslim American and practices the tradition of being covered with a hijab, even when she runs. She’s the founder of the hashtag #runlikeahijabi, which has become the platform for her personal mission

She wants to break the preconceptions that people may have about Muslim Americans and open up the sport of running to more Muslim women as well as stay at home moms in general.

She can definitely relate to stay at home moms. In fact, she first started running when she realized that her gym would provide daycare for her 3 kids while she was there. As moms might understand, she started going just about as often as she could. Now, she’s aiming to complete the six major world marathons and with Berlin and Chicago behind her and Boston coming up, she’ll be halfway there.