Harmony by Hyland’s

Helping You Live in Balance*

At Hyland's, we know stress and sleeplessness are deeply related, and once you find yourself on the stress and sleep merry-go-round, it can be never ending. We know it's about more than just "needing a good night's sleep" or "keeping your cool" in a meeting - it's about identifying where you struggle and addressing that issue so you can stop the cycle. That's where our Harmony line can help, with three distinct formulas to tackle stress and sleep struggles, allowing you to once again Live in Balance.


You tried so hard to get a good night's sleep, but you wake up fatigued, drowsy and irritable, yet you have a full day ahead of you.


You're not tired, it's just been a hard day, and you're tense and irritable, unable to concentrate on the tasks at hand.


The lights are out, the kids are in bed, but you can't sleep. Your mind is going over every little thing on your todo list, and every looming deadline.

Find Your Harmony

Not sure where your stress and sleep struggles impact you most? Check out our Live in Balance quiz; we’ll help you identify Your pain-points and provide some suggestions to build or refine your own wellness plan.