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#AMotherKnows by Hyland's

This past Mother’s Day, Hyland’s launched a new initiative to communicate Hyland’s commitment to the support, care and community of mothers everywhere, providing love and encouragement for all the hard choices, big and small, that mothers make every day to raise healthy, happy, kind and contributing children.

This new platform, #AMotherKnows, seeks to share the unique wisdom that mothers have passed on across generations and across the street, as part of the inherent community moms become part of the moment they are handed their brand new babies. Hyland’s looks to honor and share this love with every mother who has made the brand part of their tool box of mothering for over 100 years.

Hyland’s launched their new program with this video, that showcases the real and raw challenges, tears, joys and fears of motherhood, to honor the tough decisions mothers must make every day. In addition, women across the country will be asked to share their best pieces of mothering wit and wisdom on social media in the weeks to come, whether handed down from their own family, or simply from a friend. The best of these will be shared out via Hyland’s social networks, and may even find a place on future Hyland’s packaging or website. Truly, #AMotherKnows, and Hyland’s is proud to have been part of this special community for over a 100 years.