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Hyland's Partners with GOOD+ Foundation to Donate to Families in Need

Did you know that more than one in five children in the United States live in households with incomes below the federal poverty level?  That equates to over 16 million kids! Such a devastating fact ultimately effects all of us, and makes those of us here at Hyland's wonder how we can make a bit of difference to help these families in need.

So this fall, Hyland’s is partnering with GOOD+ Foundation, a non-profit organization, to get medicine to families that need it. Many of the parents served by GOOD+ Foundation are part of a multi-generational cycle of poverty, with 86% living below the poverty level, 33% being teen mothers and 63% being single mothers. With each purchase of Hyland’s 4 Kids Cold 'n Cough products, we will donate medicine. One purchase equals one donation, up to 100,000 bottles! 

Staying true to the core vision of the company, we want to make safe, effective and natural healthcare solutions more easily accessible. We are working closely with GOOD+ Foundation to ensure our donation will help provide peace of mind to young moms who want to keep their children healthy during the back-to-school and cough/cold seasons.

The #GiveBackGood campaign is built primarily around social media, with robust content to communicate the brand and products, as well as GOOD+ Foundation's mission and programs. Hyland's will also be supporting the program via digital ads, radio ads, mobile rebates and influencer partnerships. We created special Give packaging to communicate the partnership with GOOD+ Foundation in stores. You will see it on shelves from August to December.

To learn more about the initiative, you can visit or follow us on social media for updates.