Inside Hyland's

Production Babies

Do you ever watch a Disney movie all the way to the end?  I watch them until the bitter end because I want to (a) see if there’s a treat at the end for sitting through the entire credit reel and get excited when there is something special and (b) to see the list of babies that were born during the creation of that movie.  According to “Toy Story 3” director, Lee Unkrich, “It’s like our family lives are permanently woven into the movies.”  (, June 13, 2010)  

Much like those babies born during the production of a movie, the family lives of our almost 400 employees are woven into every product we make.  Some of our best products were developed because of a family experience or a new mom asked us, “Why don’t you have a product for that?”

Last month, a new Hyland’s baby was added to the family and it made me stop and think about our own Hyland’s babies.  We welcome babies into our growing family every year and we cheer when those babies grow up and bring a new generation of Hyland’s babies into the world.

I didn’t realize until I thought about it that I am the second of four generations of Hyland’s babies in my family.  My grandmother worked for a homeopathic physician who used Standard Homeopathic remedies on my mother.  My mother used Hyland’s products on my sisters and me.  When my sister was visiting me with her children (before I worked for Hyland’s), she sent me to the store to buy Hyland’s tablets for my niece.  I obviously give Hyland’s medicines to my children.  My niece, for whom I purchased those medicines over 25 years ago, uses them for her children.

Barbara and I have worked together for the better part of 26 years.  We both had babies during our tenure at Hyland’s and when her twins turned 21 in January, we were talking about all of the babies we have held sitting right there in our offices.  There were more than we could count.

I say this because when we get a question from a frustrated care giver or a concerned parent, we try to always take the time to answer with compassion and experience.  I often start the responses with “As a parent myself….” because I truly can put myself in that person’s shoes. 

As parents, we come to work every day and do what we do to give options to parents for how they will care for their children.  We are not just nameless, faceless people who are just collecting paychecks.  We care about your children.  Your families.  You. 

A couple of years ago, we collected photos of our employees’ Hyland’s “Production” babies. I call them that because all of these were born while employees were working here at Hyland’s.  Some of them (like mine and Barbara’s), are well past the baby phase, but they are our babies and we thank Hyland’s for helping us get through many of the milestones of growing up. 

Just a few of our Hyland's Babies!