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There's Nothing Like NHL Playoff Hockey!

For some of us, this is the greatest time of the year….  NHL playoffs are here!

I am a loyal Los Angeles Kings fan (hey, we live here.) My good friend and colleague, Margot, grew up as a loyal St. Luis Blues fan (she grew up there) and now finds herself also loyal to her Boston Bruins (hey, she lives there.)  We don’t speak much about our respective teams because we have an unspoken agreement that hockey will not come in between our friendship….and smack talk isn’t very professional and we both know that a season can turn on a dime and then it’s just painful to listen to when your team hits the skids.

When we were younger, like all twenty-somethingers, we had BIG PLANS.  We were going to combine our love of hockey, our love of homeopathy and somehow find the money to buy a hockey team.  

We figured it was a brilliant plan.  We would give the players Arnica Montana before, during and after every game to alleviate the sore muscles and bruises from being checked into the boards, fighting with another player or of course, catching a stick or puck anywhere on the body. Traditional homeopathic use for Arnica Montana is for the temporary symptomatic relief of muscle aches due to overexertion, bruising due to blows or trauma and to ease the obvious swelling of tissues after a rough hockey game.  We would also employ the best massage therapists and have them use Armica Ointment and Arnica Oil on our players because we believe Arnica, when used topically, can have an even more profound effect on sore, bruised muscles and tissues.*

This year, neither of our teams are in the playoffs, yet we watch and think about how it would be if our dream team was on the ice…stocked up with Arnica Montana and a killer uniform.

You never know, maybe someday we’ll have that team…’ve gotta have a dream…. 


*Claims based on traditional homeopathic practice, not accepted medical evidence. Not FDA evaluated