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Mike Ehredt Completes Project America Run, Part II

Los Angeles, CA – November 14, 2012 – After 81 consecutive daily marathons, Mike Ehredt has completed Project America Run! On Veterans Day, November 11, 2012, ultra-runner and Army Veteran Mike Ehredt ended Part II of Project America Run at the Gulf of Mexico in Galveston, TX.

On that commemorative day, Ehredt completed an 11-week run that totaled 2,150 miles – the equivalent of 26 miles a day – that began in International Falls, MN and ended in Galveston, TX. Ehredt undertook this extraordinary initiative as a way to honor our fallen U.S. service members of the Afghanistan War. At each mile of his journey, Mike planted a small American flag in the ground, inscribed with the name, age, rank, and hometown of a fallen soldier we lost in Afghanistan. In this way, 2,150 of our nation’s troops are now honored and remembered along this stretch of the United States.

In 2010 Mike completed Part I of Project America Run, in which he ran cross-country over 4,400 miles to honor those who died in Iraq. With the completion of Part II, his invisible walls of honor now grace over 6,570 miles of our country in a serene and humble show of gratitude. Throughout these two grueling runs, Mike has remained true to the purpose of this monumental endeavor. His goals were simple, yet humbling. With no political agenda, Mike has been able to say ‘Thank you’ to those soldiers who died serving our country. "I believe that many times I was not running, but just being carried, passed from hand to hand by those being honored," Mike says.

Project America Run, Part II has been attracting local, regional, and national attention since its beginning on August 23. On Veterans Day, Mike was featured on ABC World News with David Muir. You can find the clip of the broadcast, here.  A public ceremony and celebration was held immediately following Mike’s finish, along with honorary speakers, music, and refreshments. The day’s events occurred at Stewart Beach where family, friends, and Galveston locals celebrated Ehredt’s amazing accomplishment. Ehredt’s support team, Hyland’s, Inc., was also in Galveston to provide support and assistance throughout the weekend.

One Life, One Flag, One Mile

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