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Los Angeles – March 25, 2014 – A unique racquet sport combining elements of tennis, badminton, and table tennis, Pickleball has quickly gained enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels across the United States. Now, the brand new Pickleball Channel ( gives pickleball players and fans everywhere a web-based community where they can access and share the latest in news, stories, and training features related to the quickly-expanding world of pickleball.

On the first Friday of each month, presents “I ❤ Pickleball,” featuring player news and bios as well as personal stories. The 3rd Friday of each month is dedicated to “Pickleball 411,” which covers topics including practice drills, technique tips and tricks, and fitness and nutrition advice for pickleball players. For each week in-between, new content is posted to the site to keep it fresh and engaging for viewers.

This Week’s Episode: 

“Pickleball 411: How to Tape a Pickleball Court”

Episode Synopsis:

Host Rusty Howes introduces Kari Lindman, who has been wondering how to make good use of the small basketball court in her backyard.  Rusty shows Kari how she can create a temporary pickleball court in this underutilized space.  Watch as Rusty explains the simple tools needed to build a temporary court, and the easy layout process to follow using the USAPA guidelines. Then, follow along as Kari works together with the neighborhood kids to re-create the court and start playing pickleball for the first time.

About the Episode:

“Before you can play pickleball, you need to have a pickleball court, so we’re here to show our audience the most effective method for creating their very own playing area,” says Howes. “Just as Kari and the kids in her neighborhood worked together to create her new court, you can collaborate with friends, family, or your pickleball community to easily and safely create a playing surface that can be used and shared by everyone.”

Check back on April 4th for I ❤ Pickleball’s next episode featuring USAPA Ambassador Marshall Pura who started a pickleball group in Glendale, CA.  Just found out about Pickleball Channel? Click here to watch Episode 1 of I ❤ Pickleball.


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