Challenge yourself to a better night's sleep!


Change Your Life -- Starting Today

If despite all your heartfelt New Year’s Resolutions, you are still waking up tired every day and can’t seem to catch up, we invite you to our third-annual Hyland's 5-Day Sleep Challenge, a purposeful journey that will help you feel more well rested and on your way to a better you.

Our plan is comprised of five challenges, one each day, that will supercharge your health by showing you steps you can take to ensure you get a great night’s sleep, every night . We realize it's no easy feat, but commit the next 5 days to our program and you'll feel more vibrant and energized, and sleep more soundly.

We will begin each day with a Daily Challenge: content that helps you understand what is keeping you from sleep and a strategy to help you tackle the roadblock. And we’ll end with sharing each other’s stories so we can celebrate our successes together. Through it all, we’ll be learning and challenging ourselves to implement better sleep practices in our busy lives so we can go on leading…well, busy lives.

It’s free to participate in Hyland’s 5-Day Sleep Challenge! Register today to achieve new, meaningful sleep practices in your life.

Monday, March 16th through Friday, March 20th: Join us each day on the Hyland’s Facebook page to receive your challenge. What could you be doing to help yourself get those much needed zzz’s?

At the end of each day, share your story with us, celebrate your success. Although great sleep is its own reward, for each day you participate, you will be eligible for a chance to win not only a daily drawing of fantastic products, but also one of 700 Hyland’s Calms Forte’ 32 ct. tablets.

Ten winners will be chosen at random each day.

So join us for the Hyland’s 5-Day Sleep Challenge!! Your transformation awaits!

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