Inside Hyland's

1903, what a year!

On a wind-swept beach in North Carolina, the Wright brothers piloted a plane for 59 seconds over a distance of 852 feet. 

Not to be outdone, Henry Ford founded and incorporated the Henry Ford Company, now known as Ford Motor Company. The company was launched in a converted factory for a whopping $28,000. 

And on the silver screen, The Great Train Robbery starring Gilbert M. 'Broncho Billy' Anderson debuted. At 12 minutes long, it is one of the very first westerns ever made, and the first to use multiple cameras. Did you know that the film was not shot in Hollywood, but rather in New Jersey?

Why talk about these milestones from 114 years ago, you might wonder? Because Standard Homeopathic Pharmacy (our parent company and eventual founder of Hyland’s) is among these miraculous starts that occurred in 1903.

When you stop and think about Hyland’s heritage, we are truly talking about the fact that our products are trusted by generations. We are talking about large changes in technology, infrastructure, new formations of government being founded like the Department of Commerce and more. Through it all, Hyland’s has stood the test of time. We continue to grow, seek out new ideas and innovations, and still hold dear our true values as a company.

We really have come a long way since 1903.