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Meet Our Team: Boston 2018


"I’m a teacher, and I run."

Teachers exemplify what determination looks like. The dedication and hard work put in everyday as teachers is mirrored in the dedication and hard work runners put in everyday when training for a marathon. Each day teachers help kids find their finish line. And Hyland's wants to help these everyday superstars, in turn, find theirs.

What is Team Hyland's?

The Boston Marathon®. To runners, those three words evoke intense emotion, excitement and very personal dreams of achievement. 

In 2017, Hyland's assembled a team of inspirational women runners to celebrate the 50th anniversary of women running at Boston. For 2018, on running’s biggest stage, Hyland's recruited teachers, those that inspire every day and are remembered for decades, to join Team Hyland's on a journey to find their finish lines and ultimately to inspire us all.

Kevin Dua

Wakefield, MA | High School - Psychology & History

Kevin was awarded the 2017 Massachusetts History Teacher of the Year for implementing history lessons into the classroom that his students can apply to their own lives.

Michelle Ferre

Odenton, MD | 4th Grade - Math, Science & Social Studies

Michelle is all about giving back to other teachers, whether it’s sharing helpful tips on her YouTube channel, Pocketful of Primary, or starting a #pocketfulofpositivity campaign to spread positive messages to teachers across the country and help other educators acquire resources they need for their own classrooms.

Doug Schunk

State College, PA | High School – Chemistry & Drumline

Doug weighed 330lbs when his son was born in 2010. A few years later and 140lbs lighter, he ran a qualifying time for one of the most competitive marathons in the world!

Natalie Zimmerman

LaVale, MD | High School – Math & Computer Science

Natalie stayed positive through months of chemotherapy and radiation for breast cancer by making a list of all the places she planned to visit when she was well. Since then, she has visited 49 states and 10 Canadian provinces!

Jackie Baker

Simi Valley, CA | 4th Grade

A former collegiate water polo player, Jackie Baker now juggles full-time teaching with being the head coach of the LA chapter of @girlsontheruninternational.

Matthew Wells

Takoma Park, MD | 3rd-5th Grade - Math

Running and teaching have always gone hand in hand for Matthew. Through his work as a @girlsontheruninternational coach and the 45 marathons he has under his belt, Matthew promotes a healthy lifestyle through running!

Rachel Rodriguez

Porter Ranch, CA | Middle School - Science

Rachel exemplifies the impact that running can have on our youth. As a former student of @studentsrunla, Rachel is now a coach in the program that trains kids to run the LA Marathon.

Mirna Valerio

Rabun Gap, GA | High School – Equity & Inclusion, Spanish

Mirna, AKA @themirnavator, comes to Team Hyland's as an accomplished ultra runner and positive body image role model. She's appeared in REI, Women's Running Magazine, Runner's World and more!

John Ladesic

Clarksburg, MD | 1st Grade - ESOL

John is no stranger to the streets of Boston. As a former NCAA Division I runner and a sub 3:00 marathoner, this year will mark John's third trip to Boston to compete in the prestigious road race.

Bethany Brown

Salem, UT | Kindergarten

As an elite marathoner in her own right, Bethany brings her passion for distance running into the classroom. Each January, she starts a running club for students in her district. By May, they've run 25 miles, running the final 1.2 miles of a marathon together to earn their medals.

Kristin Clark

Ballwin, MO | Elementary School - Librarian

Kristin is both the full-time librarian at Ballwin Elementary and also the head coach of the school's @girlsontheruninternational program. To ensure GOTR is accessible to everyone, she helps raise money for those unable to otherwise afford the program.

Kimberly Van Acker

Gainesville, VA | Middle School – Special Education & English

Although a long time competitive runner, the marathon distance is still a new venture for Kim. But a late start to distance running hasn't stopped Kimberly from owning a 3:33 marathon best and Boston qualifier!

Adam Welcome

Lafayette, CA | Director of Innovation

In addition to completing 20 marathons, Adam co-authored Kids Deserve It, a book that challenges conventional thinking and pushes the boundaries of kids.

Lisa Abramowski

Grand Rapids, MI | Kindergarten

At age 16 she asked her parents if instead of a birthday present their family could sponsor a child in Haiti. Years later she started the $2 challenge by giving each of her students $2 and challenging them to use the money to make a difference.

Stephanie Crook

Portage, IN | High School – Life Sciences

Two years ago, Stephanie was in the middle of a run when her legs unexpectedly went numb. Instead of letting a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis ruin her love for running, she continued running, and to date she has run 8 full marathons!

Rachel Simpson

St Louis, MO | Elementary School – Phys. Ed.

If teaching and marathon training wasn't enough, Rachel is also a coach of Let Me Run, a program designed for boys to lead healthy lifestyles, build relationships and grow emotionally through the sport of running.

Brian Pfeffer

Los Angeles, CA | High School - English

Brian Pfeffer has been a @studentsrunla coach for nine years. During that time, he has helped LA kids train for and complete the LA Marathon, many of whom enter the program having never run a mile.

And our amazing Legacy Team runners:

Wayne Darnell | Farmington, NM
Amy Margolis | Seattle, WA
Nancy Heydinger | Vernon, VT
Lara Mugge | Circle Mesa, AZ
Carol Wright | Sandpoint, ID
Aaron Riggs | Issaquah, WA
Allen Murphy | Flushing, MI
Caroline Capeheart | Pittsburg, KS
Dale Lister | Palmdale, CA

Jennifer Bell | Dalton, MA
Jessica Rosetti | Atco, NJ
Jill Hazelton | Chambersburg, PA
Kimberlee Henling | Winslow, AZ
Meleah Shank | Irvine, CA
Rick Cahoon | Shepherd, MI
Victoria Espinoza | Glendale, AZ
Clinton Lawhorne | Perry, MI

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