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Jay's Journal - Thanksgiving

It’s dreary in the east.  A low came through last night, and with it clouds and rain.  It will clear later today, then get unseasonably cold.  It is Thanksgiving eve.

Traffic has already begun to build at the grocery store.  People are lined up at the Farmers Market - it never ceases to amaze me how folks shop at the last minute - Thanksgiving is not a surprise.  But it can be surprising.

How can we surprise ourselves this Thanksgiving?  First, don’t coat your turkey in “butter and crushed spicy Dorito chips”.  I didn't make that up, there is an online recipe for this. How about some better ideas?  Take a meal to someone who can’t leave home.  Take the time to sit and talk with them.  Learn their story.  Call a relative or friend you haven’t heard from in a while.  See how they are.  How about this, actually listen to your spouse - or kids.  Make a simple meal using your mom (or dad’s) or grandmom’s recipes.  Talk about the recipes and their authors with your kids.  Tell them the family stories.

There are bunches of surveys out this week saying that people are tired of incivility - whether political or at the dinner table.  The commentary is dire.  I think something else.  The pendulum is swinging.  We are finally focused on politeness and civility may return.  This is our shot.

As you have heard time and again from me, I love Thanksgiving because it gives us time to reflect, to be grateful, to thank others.  I thank you for your work: work in a higher purpose, work in the care of others and doing it better every day.  I thank you for your skill, and your toil and your equanimity.  Our culture is not perfect- but at least we try.

And finally, I thank you.  Thanks for all you do for our Hyland’s families and our Hyland’s family.

Enjoy the quiet (and the chaos) of Thanksgiving.