How to Read Drug Facts

Items 1 through 9 can be found on the back of our packaging. Item 10 appears at the side of our packaging towards the bottom. Item 10 is also printed on the bottle label.

1. Active Ingredients
In the tradition of homeopathic medicines, our ingredients are listed by their Latin names. Eighty percent of our active ingredients come from plants, about 15 percent are derived from minerals, and the rest come from other natural sources.

2. The Potencies
Like "3X" and "6X," the potency of the particular active ingredient is indicated by the number and letter combination listed next to the ingredient (see "Understanding homeopathic drug potency"). The higher the number, the higher the potency. But even our highest potencies result in only trace amounts of the active ingredients used in the medicine, thus ensuring a high margin of safety.

This acronym stands for Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States, indicating that the medicine is listed in this FDA-recognized compendium and that its preparation follows the HPUS rules.

4. Purpose
The purpose of each active ingredient is listed following its Latin name. It describes the symptoms that each ingredient treats. In choosing a homeopathic medicine, the key is to get as close a match as possible between the symptoms you are experiencing and the symptoms that the active ingredients in the medicine address.

5. Uses
The "Uses" section summarizes the overall ailment for which the medicine is formulated.

6. Warnings
This section highlights any drug interactions and specifies the duration of acceptable treatment, maximum doses per period, symptoms to look for that may mean that medical help is required, as well as any other warnings such as allergies required for safe use of the product.

7. In Case of Emergency
Homeopathic medicines are generally safe and non-toxic. However, in the case of real medical emergency, you should always contact your doctor or health care professional immediately. Should there be questions, Hyland’s offers 24/7 emergency information about our products through an on-call healthcare professional at 1 (800) 624-9659.

8. Directions
We recommend following the directions as listed on the label for the best possible results. For acute ailments, the directions often instruct you to dose "as needed," which means you should dose only until symptoms are relieved. Only repeat a dose if symptoms get worse again. As with all medicinal products, contact your health care provider if symptoms worsen or continue unimproved for more than 7 days.

9. Inactive Ingredients
All of our products contain Lactose N.F. The "N.F." stands for National Formulary, indicating pharmaceutical grade lactose, which is milk sugar from cow's milk completely purified of milk proteins. Rarely someone with a severe milk protein allergy might react to the unmeasurable amounts of milk protein in the lactose. However, because of the small amounts of lactose in each tablet, most lactose intolerant individuals can safely take the medicine without fear of adverse reaction.

10. Lot Number
The 6-digit lot number allows us to track the complete history of the manufacture, processing, packing, holding, and distribution of a batch or lot of drug product. The lot number can be found on the side or bottom panel of a product carton, as well as on the bottle label.