Challenge yourself to a better night's sleep!

Day 3
Create a Calming Sleep Ritual

Any parent can vouch for the importance of establishing a simple sleep routine to help young kids settle down. Here's what's great... it works for adults too! Establishing and following a solid sleep ritual will help cue your body it's time to settle down and relax.

At this point in the Challenge, you've determined your optimal time to go to sleep and your electronics are turned off and tucked away. Now what?

Day Three Challenge: Take a page from the time-honored "Bath-Book-Bed" holy trinity of sleep training and run a hot bath or shower before bed. Soaking in the water will raise your body temperature, but once you're done and tucked in your cozy bed with your book, your temperature will drop which naturally causes the body to feel sleepy.

Give yourself permission to read one chapter from your book (save the page-turner mysteries for daytime reading!) or listen to music if that's more your speed and then turn off the lights and enjoy your zzz's.

Tell us what are you reading before bed, or which helps you relax more, a bath or shower.