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Thank you again for participating in our recruitment process for 2018 Boston Marathon!

While we are sad we couldn’t offer you a bib, we know running is a big part of your life, and we want to help out with your continued training. Simply opt-in below and we’ll send you a complimentary care package filled with products to help you train harder and recover faster!

Get to know your team

Hyland's runners get to know one another over the course of a long weekend, including fun events like the BAA 5K.

Meet the Pros

Expo attendees flock to the Hyland's booth to hear endurance legend Bob Babbitt interview running stars, including Boston Marathon Race Director Dave McGillivray.

The Legacy Team Grows

Nancy qualified for Boston 2018 with her 2017 finish. The celebration began immediately! 

Sleep doesn’t always come easily, especially when your sleep schedule changes. If you’re looking for a solution to your sleep woes, it’s about more than just finding a way to fall asleep, it’s about addressing what is causing you to not be able to fall asleep. That’s why Hyland’s has a range of different sleep remedies to help relieve the underlying causes of occasional sleeplessness. So how do you know which remedy is right for you? Follow along this week as we explore our different sleep solutions, then try one out to #sleepdifferent!

Finisher Photo Ops!

Adrian Broca and his guide runner Matthew after finishing the marathon in 2017. 

Paint the Town Hyland's Blue

Hyland's employees from across the country meet in Boston to support the runners. We even run the 5k!

Who do you ask for help when the going gets tough? Tag your secret weapon and let them know how much you appreciate them! #amotherknows

Brunch with a View

Some of the team enjoying a view of the Boston skyline the day before the marathon!

Thank you!

The application period for running with us in Boston has ended. We appreciate your interest.

Honoring History

As an old company (over 100 years), we take our history seriously, and we honor those who dedicated their lives to homeopathy. We often take part in ceremonies and dedications to remember those who came before us. One such ceremony was the dedication of a historical landmark honoring the “Father of American Homeopathy,” Dr. Constantine Hering, who lived and worked in Philadephia from 1800 to 1880.

Dr. Hering was the cofounder of the first medical society and first homeopathic medical school in the United States, discovering major medicines and authoring definitive texts on homeopathy during his career. He advanced the art of healing through research and education.

Constantine Hering Marker in Philadelphia

The landmark is placed in front of Dr. Hering’s former office in the center of Philadelphia on the north side of Arch Street between 12th and 13th Street.  The landmark project itself was initiated and directed by the National Center for Homeopathy.  

Hyland's Wins Four Awards in Canada

This year, Hyland's is honored to recive two awards each from two different organizations. What an honor! Hyland’s is proud to be a partner with National Nutrition and Alive Publishing. We are delighted to be a recipient for 2017! has been servicing customers in the Ontario, Canada market for over 25 years, and their exceptional service has now made them into a huge presence on the internet. They proudly offer a wide selection of brands and demand that their suppliers only provide the highest quality products - products that their customers can rely on. 

In their annual awards, Hyland's Calms Forté won Silver for Best Stress Supplement (it also won Silver for best Homeopathic Product in 2016), and Hyland's BIO XII won Bronze for Best Homeopathic Product. These awards are a reflection of customers trusting the Hyland’s brand and getting excellent results when using our products. We are honored to recieve them! 

For more than 40 years, Alive Publishing Group has been Canada’s recognized leader in health and wellness. Every year, Alive Magazine conducts consumer and retailer surveys to pick the top products in the natural foods industry. Again this year, Hyland’s took home two awards! Hyland’s Leg Cramps won the bronze award (third place) for the Consumer Choice - Homeopathy category. Hyland’s Leg Cramps also won the bronze award (third place) for the Retailer Choice - Homeopathy category. Thank you to Alive for this honor!

Congratulations to all who work tirelessly to provide products that retailers and consumers both love! Good job team!

Hyland's to the Rescue!

This story was shared by Hyland's own Dan Krombach after a run in with a migraine at a wedding. Hyland's to the rescue! 

"On the first Sunday in July, my family attended a wedding in West Hills, California (in the San Fernando Valley) for the son of one of our long-time friends. The wedding ceremony was beautiful and the energy at the reception was at a very high level with thumping music and lots of dancing. About 20 minutes after the couple made their gala entrance, the groom came over to me and asked, “You don’t happen to have any Hyland’s Migraine Tablets on you, do you?” I smiled, thinking he was joking, but a closer look at his face revealed that he was in real pain. He told me that he’s been using the product for years, because “it’s the only thing that works.” Unfortunately, both he and his parents had forgotten to bring a bottle to the wedding hall.

I told him to go sit down next to his new wife and give me five minutes. I pulled out my phone, and immediately realized I had no cell signal in the hall. Out to the parking lot I went and pulled up the store locator on the Hyland’s website. The site gave me three stores that normally stock Hyland’s Migraine Headache Relief within five miles, so I started calling them one by one. It was already after 9:30pm, and the first store was closed. The second store (Sprouts) was open, and they transferred me to the right department to ask if they had any on the shelf. YES, they had two bottles left, but they were closing in twenty minutes. I said, “I’ll be there in ten!”

I updated the father of the groom and grabbed my car keys. A frantic drive through the streets of West Hills, grabbing a box off the shelf, a quick swipe at the register, and the drive back took about 15 minutes. I found the groom back on the dance floor just sort of swaying, looking quite pale, but putting on his best effort. I opened the bottle for him, and he downed a dose. After a few minutes chatting with his parents, I looked over on the dance floor, and he was rocking with the crowd, laughing, having a blast. 

I remember thinking how rewarding it was to not only find out that close friends were using a Hyland’s product, but also to see how something we make right here at Standard Homeopathic can literally rescue someone in pain. I got a really big hug from the groom at the end of the reception and a very appreciative “Thank you!” from the bride! What a night!"


The Neiswander Library

In 2015, the Hyland’s Foundation started the Neiswander Library to provide a central location for homeopathic texts and papers. The Foundation, a non-profit organization started by Hyland’s with a mission to improve the health and health care of all Americans, hopes the Library can be a central resource to help educate people on the history and philosophy of homeopathy.

The Library is named after Allen Neiswander, M.D., a well-respected homeopath based out of California. He left his personal collection of homeopathic literature in our care, and it is with great pride that we honor his legacy with this space. In addition, over the years Hyland’s collected a wide range of artifacts and texts from around the world, some dating back to Samuel Hahnemann, to share with the library visitors.

It is our goal that the library be the most comprehensively cataloged library of  books on homeopathy in the world! Scholars will be able to search our collection online to find rare and obscure, as well as modern, books on various subjects of interest. Visiting researchers can use our library to study or to marvel at the artifacts that belonged to important figures throughout the history of homeopathy.

If you are ever in the neighborhood of King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, we invite you to stop in and browse the wonderful collection of books, and see fascinating objects, including old tincture bottles (some with remedies still in them), leather kits, medicine bags, and portraits of famous homeopaths. 

Another year with Verbum Dei

Hyland's is proud to have started our 5th year as a Corporate Work Study Partner with Verbum Dei High School, an all-boys, Catholic, Jesuit high school located in Watts. Verbum Dei has a rigorous focus on college prep and is part of the Cristo Rey Network, a nationwide group of 30 Catholic college prep high schools for under-represented urban youth.

Part of our commitment to our community, this program allows us to mentor several students a year, providing them opportunities to gain skills and valuable work experience. The real-world experience the students receive at Hyland's helps them prepare for college, as does getting to know many staff and having conversations about their future.

On May 5th, a few Hyland's employees had the privilege of attending Verbum Dei’s Class of 2017 Commitment Day Ceremony. Hyland's is proud to have worked with graduating senior Michael Pineda, who is attending St. John's University in Minnesota this fall and studying Business Administration. Michael worked in the Human Resources, Legal & Communications and Information Technology departments while interning at Hyland’s for the past two and a half years.

Below is a photo from this year's Verbum Dei College Commitment Day celebration. This is the date where the seniors announce which college they’ll be attending in the fall. The ceremony was extremely inspiring! Once again, 100% of the seniors were accepted to college! We have contributed to the success of these boys and we couldn’t be happier that we are part of that.

Students at Verbum Dei at their Senior Commitment Ceremony

#AMotherKnows by Hyland's

This past Mother’s Day, Hyland’s launched a new initiative to communicate Hyland’s commitment to the support, care and community of mothers everywhere, providing love and encouragement for all the hard choices, big and small, that mothers make every day to raise healthy, happy, kind and contributing children.

This new platform, #AMotherKnows, seeks to share the unique wisdom that mothers have passed on across generations and across the street, as part of the inherent community moms become part of the moment they are handed their brand new babies. Hyland’s looks to honor and share this love with every mother who has made the brand part of their tool box of mothering for over 100 years.

Hyland’s launched their new program with this video, that showcases the real and raw challenges, tears, joys and fears of motherhood, to honor the tough decisions mothers must make every day. In addition, women across the country will be asked to share their best pieces of mothering wit and wisdom on social media in the weeks to come, whether handed down from their own family, or simply from a friend. The best of these will be shared out via Hyland’s social networks, and may even find a place on future Hyland’s packaging or website. Truly, #AMotherKnows, and Hyland’s is proud to have been part of this special community for over a 100 years.

Good Manufacturing Practice at Hyland's

Have you heard of GMPs? GMP means “Good Manufacturing Practice”. Everything we do here at Hyland's is done strictly according to GMP, and it’s a really big part of the way Hyland's operates. We thought we would take this opportunity to tell you a bit more about GMPs and how we adhere each and every day in all of our facilities.

Part of GMP is "Good Documentation Practice," or GDP, which is basically how we document everything we do within the manufacturing process. GDPs are used for any type of product we develop and produce, as they outline the product standards and tell us how to monitor, test and judge for compliance. Why is that a big deal? Because it is our only way to show how we produce all of our many products and what goes in to each one. When we make one of our medicines, all of the important information that is generated during each step, and when it was carried out, is recorded by the person who performed it. This information reflects the complete history of the manufacturing, packaging and control of the product.

When a customer picks up a Hyland’s product, we want them to be assured we have done our best work to make that product. With this attention to detail, we can track back if there ever is a question about ingredients or safety. We do this all day, every day, for each and every product we make so the customer will get the best medicines for them and their family.

Hyland's Partners with GOOD+ Foundation to Donate to Families in Need

Did you know that more than one in five children in the United States live in households with incomes below the federal poverty level?  That equates to over 16 million kids! Such a devastating fact ultimately effects all of us, and makes those of us here at Hyland's wonder how we can make a bit of difference to help these families in need.

So this fall, Hyland’s is partnering with GOOD+ Foundation, a non-profit organization, to get medicine to families that need it. Many of the parents served by GOOD+ Foundation are part of a multi-generational cycle of poverty, with 86% living below the poverty level, 33% being teen mothers and 63% being single mothers. With each purchase of Hyland’s 4 Kids Cold 'n Cough products, we will donate medicine. One purchase equals one donation, up to 100,000 bottles! 

Staying true to the core vision of the company, we want to make safe, effective and natural healthcare solutions more easily accessible. We are working closely with GOOD+ Foundation to ensure our donation will help provide peace of mind to young moms who want to keep their children healthy during the back-to-school and cough/cold seasons.

The #GiveBackGood campaign is built primarily around social media, with robust content to communicate the brand and products, as well as GOOD+ Foundation's mission and programs. Hyland's will also be supporting the program via digital ads, radio ads, mobile rebates and influencer partnerships. We created special Give packaging to communicate the partnership with GOOD+ Foundation in stores. You will see it on shelves from August to December.

To learn more about the initiative, you can visit or follow us on social media for updates.