I love this product, it just calms my son down enough that he doesn’t fight sleep and he doesn’t have night awakenings

-Kristen from Bremen, Ga

His symptoms greatly improved, the chills went away, his fever did not sky-rocket, and sore throat was relieved. Today, he is feeling much better.

-Mom of 3 from Minneapolis, MN

My kids have been keeping me and my husband up all night with a constant cough. This stopped the cough within a minute of taking it!

-Jmac from Chandler, AZ

Relieves my 4 year old in about 3 doses when her indoor allergies kick up. Stops the sneezing, itchy eyes & nose, swollen eyes, with absolutely no side effects...it's homeopathic!

-Mama T from CT

My daughter takes it without a problem, and in no time, the coughing just stops and she can fall sound asleep. I have never seen anything like it!!!!

-Andi from New Jersey

10 minutes after their first dose the cough, runny nose, congestion and even the sore throat was relieved. They slept through the night like babies.

-Happy Mother from Mandeville, LA

My daughter has allergies and it goes straight to her ears. This has helped sooooooo much. And It doesn't make her drowsy A++!

-1happy mummy from Southern Cali

My son woke up and began vomitting with fever, running nose, congestion and within 5 hours he was back to normal. I love this stuff. Thank you so much for this product!

-Happy parent from Germfask, MI

It not only makes the cold go away faster, it eliminates the worst part...the runny/stuffy nose. Miracle worker in a tiny form!

-Woman, mother, and wife from AL

This is a GREAT product and an excellent homeopathic alternative. Huge difference when your child's livelihood is no longer compromised by allergies! Wow! What a difference.

-Alak from Wisconsin

She woke up cough free, fever free, and a whole different child! She has been fighting this off for over 3 weeks now and FINALLY we have a break! Thank you Hyland's!

- By Babyjames from Indiana

Finding cough medicine for children younger than 4 is difficult but I'm completely impressed with this product. I wish I had known about Hyland's when my children were babies! :)

- Nana Leslie from Orlando, FL

After only 2 doses my son's cough was gone in 15 mintues or less! And yes I timed it.

-D. Harmon from Houston, TX

I notice that it helps her sleep through the night without waking up as often. Not only is she sleeping better, but now I can get some sleep too!

- Momma2BabyV from Dallas, TX