Are you Powered by Hyland’s?

Our mission is to empower athletes to achieve their goals on race day, and every day. We do this by providing on-the-go solutions that help relieve symptoms when they happen, where they happen, so athletes can control their symptoms without sacrificing performance.

Hyland’s is a people-first brand always, and supporting and celebrating the athletes that do the work is at the heart of #hylandspowered.


Stop your Cramp, Not your Race

As the Official Cramp Relief Sponsor of the Boston Marathon©, Hyland’s is proud to help elite runners achieve the best runs of their life.

Since 2016, we have sponsored a team of athletes at the Boston Marathon©. You can also find us at top Boston Marathon© qualifying events across the country. Whether you are chasing a BQ or running your first 5K, Hyland’s is here to help you reach your goals.

To meet our 2019 team of Healers, follow along with #HylandsPowered


Stop your Cramp, Not your Ride

When you take on your next big climb, take Hyland’s Leg Cramps with you. Hyland’s is proud to support the Swami’s Cycling Club in San Diego and the Mi Duole Cycling Team in Utah.

Love cycling? Watch our commercial from the 2018 Tour de France.


Have you heard of Pickleball? This paddle sport is like a cross between tennis and ping-pong, is also the fastest growing sport in the United States!

Hyland’s is proud to sponsor the Pickleball Channel, the premier destination for pickleball-related videos and tips on how to play pickleball. To learn more, please visit the Pickleball Channel.


Mirna Valerio joins Hyland’s Powered as an accomplished runner with race experience that spans the globe. Accustomed to turning heads on the starting line, Mirna has redefined what it looks to be an ultrarunner. As a 2018 National Geographic Adventurer of the Year and a body positivity icon, Mirna has appeared in Runner’s World, REI, Women’s Running and more.

Read more from Mirna.

Mike Ehredt is driven by passion for running and loves encouraging others to take up the sport. This retired postal clerk and Army veteran continues to accomplish physical feats considered amazing for someone half his age. Mike Ehredt is also one of the athletes featured in the inspirational 2019 documentary, The Human Race, which follows six runners, ages 50-90, as they train for the biggest race of their lives..

Powered by Hyland's

Hyland’s Leg Cramps has been America’s #1 Leg Cramp relief solution for over 10 years and is the Official Cramp Relief Sponsor of the Boston Marathon. Taken at the first sign of cramping,  Hyland's Leg Cramps tablets dissolve quickly without water and with no stomach upset, delivering fast relief of cramping in your legs, feet and calves when you need it most.