Challenge yourself to a better night's sleep!

Day 1

Welcome to the Hyland's 7 Day Sleep Challenge! Did you know that 60% of Americans experience sleep problems every night? Are you one of them? If you're looking for ways to get a better night's sleep, naturally, join us each day to learn more. You'll receive one simple challenge to try at home each night. Follow along, and by the week's end, you should be on your way to dreamland.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, just ensuring that you are getting 7-8 hrs sleep each night can help you feel more energized, put you in a better mood, and cause less worry and stress.

Day One Challenge: Find out where you stand on sleep. It's not just about how many hours of sleep you get each night, it's about maximizing your sleep cycles and getting that very key REM sleep that allows you to feel rested and ready to face your day. Instead of shuffling off to sleep once the dishes and laundry are done or you've caught up on your email, go to Bedtime Calculator and use the sleep calculator to set your ideal bedtime tonight.

Tell us what keeps you up at night.