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Hyland's has been trusted for generations to provide safe, effective, homeopathic medicines for all members of the family

Find Your Finish Line

10 Runners.

26 Days.

Follow Their Journey.

Ten runners are documenting their days leading
up to the 2016 Boston Marathon.
Join us here in cheering them on...

Find Your Finish Line

Hyland's 4 Kids
Bumps 'n Bruises
with Arnica!

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Bumps Earth Friendly Packaging


New "Earth-Friendly"

Packaging for Hyland's

Bumps 'n Bruises 4Kids

This new topical ointment stick comes in
fun and whimsical eco-friendly tubes designed
for Target's "Made-To-Matter" program.

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Hyland's Teething Tablets
Yes! We’re celebrating Moms! It’s all about the enduring memories of the times we’ve spent together. Moments that tell our stories – the warmth, love, happiness, and the nostalgic, all CAPTURED in a snap shot. We’re lucky to be able to share them so easily with each other. That’s really the core Hyland’s family – united by the stories that connect us to our human spirit.
Hyland's Homeopathy
We're honored to work with Hyland’s Master Athlete and Army veteran Mike Ehredt and we're proud of what he does to make sure that every sacrifice is remembered through his work with #ProjectAmericaRun. #memorialday

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